Download the latest version of MyEBRD to enhance your experience at the 2015 EBRD Annual Meeting and Business Forum. Plan your schedule ahead of time to make the most of the two-day event.

Downloading the free app is easy and can be done in a couple of minutes. It is designed to make sure your time at the event is well spent. Features include:

•    Schedule of events
•    Networking tool (message other participants and arrange meetings)
•    List of attendees
•    General information and more…

Search for MyEBRD15 in your app market or LOGIN to the web app.


IMPORTANT, please note:

Direct Message
Only participants who have downloaded and logged into MyEBRD15 will be able to receive a Direct Message.

When sending an email, your registered email address will be shared with the recipient.

Opt-in for attendee list
This will control your visibility in MyEBRD15's Attendees List only. If you do not wish/wish to be included in the electronic Participants List, which is available to all Annual Meeting Participants, you will need to visit your registration.

Use of this tool is optional and you can stop receiving direct messages or emails from other participants at any time by following the instructions below. Please allow 15 minutes for changes to take effect.

To change your messaging settings using a Blackberry device:

Step 1 - Go into 'Settings' and select 'Profile Settings'                                           Step 2 - Deselect/select box


To change your messaging settings using an iPhone/iPad/Android:

Step 1 - Go into 'Settings' under 'My Profile' and slide  button


Please direct all enquiries to Rachel Wood

T: +44 (0)207 338 7048
M: (+995) 591 80 42 74 (from 11–15 May)

Or visit the MyEBRD desk located in Networking Area B of the Parliament Building.