Associated Events


Trade Facilitation Programme
14:00 - 18:30, Parliament Building, Room 2

The Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) currently includes over 113 Issuing Banks in 26 countries in the EBRD region and more than 800 Confirming Banks worldwide. The event will offer the opportunity to review and discuss industry challenges with leading specialists, including regulators and lawyers. It will also feature the award ceremony for The Most Active EBRD TFP banks and Best Transactions of 2014.

By invitation only.

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EBRD Annual Donor Meeting
09:30 - 18:30, Parliament Building, Room 1

The EBRD’s partnerships with donors are a crucial component of the Bank’s business model. In providing resources for technical cooperation and other grants or concessional instruments, donors help the Bank to deliver its transition mandate, while at the same time contributing to broader economic development outcomes. At this event, donors and the EBRD will discuss the results of their partnership and future challenges and reforms. The 2014 Donor Report will be launched.

By invitation only.

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Infrastructure Development - An Economic Booster
09:00 - 17:30, Parliament Building, Room B

Infrastructure investment needs in the EBRD region are enormous, likely in the range of USD 500-550 billion annually. This is not only the result of years of underinvestment and insufficient maintenance of existing infrastructure but also substantial needs for new infrastructure. Moreover, the type of new infrastructure being built will also have long lasting impacts on the carbon and resource intensity of our economies for several decades to come and provides a unique opportunity to set the countries on a different, more sustainable growth path.

Currently, up to 70% of infrastructure financing comes directly from public budgets. Going forward, given the substantial increase in needs, public resources will not be enough to meet all requirements, especially in light of the tight fiscal constraints faced by many countries and lack of fiscal space. Alternative sources of funding will have to be sought. Substantial resources will have to come from private sources and delivered through private sector mechanisms, like PPPs. There is an opportunity to channel the large and growing pool of savings from emerging countries into debt and equity financing of infrastructure that offers long-term and stable returns. Multilateral institutions can play a key role to facilitate the development of infrastructure as an asset class. Climate finance can offer an opportunity for sources of funding for green infrastructure.

A one day event organised jointly by the EBRD, the Turkish Presidency of the G20 and the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee on Wednesday 13 May 2015 will focus on how to increase private sector involvement in the delivery and financing of infrastructure investment in the EBRD region. Dedicated sessions will discuss what institutional capabilities are required to deliver infrastructure PPPs; what do institutional investors require to commit substantial investment; and how to ensure that scarce public resources are spent on sustainable infrastructure that can deliver long-term green growth objectives.

The event will be opened by EBRD President Sir Suma Chakrabarti.

The Keynote Speech will be given by Mr Cavit Dağdaş, Undersecretary of the Turkish Treasury and Governor of EBRD for Turkey.

The one day event will have four sessions:

1. The Public Sector Perspective – chaired by Cavit Dağdaş, Undersecretary of the Turkish Treasury and Governor of EBRD for Turkey

2. Lessons learnt from past PPP experiences – chaired by Thomas Maier, Managing Director for Infrastructure at EBRD

3. Building Sustainable Infrastructure – chaired by Mattia Romani, Managing Director for Country and Sector Economics at EBRD

4. Instruments and Policies to Attract Institutional Investors – chaired by Marc Uzan, Executive Director and Founder, Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee

The event is targeted at infrastructure professionals, including market participants, government policy-makers, regulators and capital market investors.

By invitation only.

Send enquiries to: Anna Engstrom